WarCraft III

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This page contains some little tools that might prove useful for WarCraft III players and tournament admins.

Use these tools at your own risk. There is no warranty at all!

Watch out for updates from time to time.


This tool was originally developed for WarCraft III tournament admins that want to run their competition in a LAN with the latest patch available on battle.net even if Blizzard does not release a standalone version of this patch in time. It allows to install the mpq-patches downloaded from Battle.net without the need to be connected to Battle.net. Furthermore you can install Blizzard Standalone Patches into any directory regardless of the registry entries.

Download W3Update Version 1.04 [2007-01-27] [Version history].

Where to get the MPQ-patch files from:
Simply connect to battle.net and wait until the patch is downloaded. If WarCraft III wants to restart do not press ok. Use ALT-TAB to switch to your desktop instead and go to your WarCraft III installation directory. Now copy the W3XP_IX86_*.mpq file to a save location. Switch back to WarCraft III and complete the installation.


This tool lets you easily select the correct installation path of your WarCraft III installation and saves it to the registry. This often helps if an official patch refuses to install.

Download W3Path Version 1.03 [2007-01-27] [Version history].


This tool lets you extract an MPQ patch file from an official standalone patch. This is a specialized utility for tournament/server admins only. You normally do not need it.

Download EXE2MPQ Version 1.01 [2007-01-27].


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